At my current position at Raver Magazine, I designed the entirety of the January, February, and March 2016 Edition.


I created the layout, assembled text, photographs and other content in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-read arrangement. The publication is posted on http://issuu.com/ravermagazine/




At my previous position at Z97.7 FM, I designed a variety of promotional materials.



This poster was created for Winning Wednesday, which occurs every Wednesday in the year.



This was printed and posted on Facebook.

I created promotional images to be posted on the Z97.7 Instagram page.


These images were posted throughout the summer of 2015.


The purpose of the images were to inform followers of the events on Lake Patrol.

Designed this promotional  image to be posted on Facebook.


This image is another promotion for the event, Lake Patrol, which occurs every Sunday on Lake Sinclair and Lake Oconee in the summer.



I was asked to create a logo for Sinclair Auto Brokers.



I sketched multiple logo concepts to be shown and discussed with clients.



The client pointed out the concepts that they would like to see produced.

I designed three potential logos for Sinclair Auto Brokers.



These three choices were given to the client for their choosing.



The bottom logo was chosen by the client.



I created business cards with the logo.


Milledgeville-Baldwin Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is in the process of branding the character, "Milly's Nest" as the Chamber's mascot.



I created the character, "Milly's Nest" which will be posted on their blog, on various flyers and promotional materials for the Chamber of Commerce.

WGUR 95.3 FM

As a practicum student for WGUR 95.3 FM, I spoke with various businesses owners in Milledgeville to obtain on-air and on line sponsorships.


The client, Domino's, requested an advertisement to be placed on the website.


This advertisement was placed on line at www.gcsuradio.com from January to May 2015.


Real Estate Flyers

I was asked to create a real estate flyers.



Edited the pictures I was given to create the flyer.



The flyer was printed and distributed to their clients.


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