I have a blog where I discuss various subjects ranging from book reviews to personal stories.


I have a blog where I discuss various subjects ranging from book reviews to personal stories.


This blog post in particular was about my key takeaways after meeting and interviewing  Mason Brown, a freelance designer in Atlanta.

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Wrote a story for the Colonnade, Georgia College's student run newspaper in January 2014.


The story was about the trivia nights various businesses have in Milledgeville.

It’s Trivia Time Somewhere In Milly

January 30, 2014


The old excuse that you “can’t go out because you’re broke” does not apply to Georgia College students anymore. Weekly trivia nights in Milledgeville offer students an inexpensive night out with friends and friendly competition with the chance to win free pitchers of beer and gift cards to area eateries.


Monday at 10:30 p.m.

Amici’s trivia night attracts a large crowd where participants are sure to enjoy their night. GC’s Student Government Association hosts this trivia night with a portion of the proceeds going towards the Student Emergency Fund. There are five rounds of questions with topics varying from sports, pop culture and video games. There are five questions in each round and the last question of the round is a bonus question. Round-winners receive a free pitcher of beer or a prize.


Tuesday at 10:30 p.m.

The Brick draws 40 to 50 trivia enthusiasts each week. Trivia nights at The Brick feature five rounds with five questions and categories ranging from tobacco to Pixar movies. These categories are posted on its Facebook page, Brick Trivia. A bonus question is posted on the page every week. A trivia team can research the answer and come to the event with the answer prepared. The team that wins each round receives a pitcher of beer, and the team that wins overall receives $50 Brick Bucks.


Wednesday at 8:30 p.m.

Buffington’s trivia night is paired with its wing night. Due to the popularity of the event, make sure to arrive early to grab a spot. Buffington’s trivia night consists of four rounds, including questions about general trivia, movies, music and television. The winning team of each round receives a pitcher of beer. If you win overall, the team receives $30 Buff Bucks. Buffington’s has a semester challenge where every trivia night your team attends, the points you win go toward your overall points that semester. Six people are allowed on your team to participate in the semester challenge, and the winner of this challenge receives $250 Buff Bucks.


Thursday at 8 p.m.

PICKLE BARREL Get out of the Downtown Milledgeville trivia scene and head over to Pickle Barrel. This restaurant draws a crowd of about 30 people every week. Its trivia night consists of two rounds with 10 questions each. At the end of each round, the team chooses whether to wage their points based on the level of confidence of their answer. The overall winner receives a $40 gift card, the second receives a $30 gift card and third receives a $20 gift card. Anyone that participates still has a chance at winning fourth place through a drawing that includes all the participating teams. The team name that is randomly drawn receives a $10 gift card to the restaurant.



At my previous position at Z97.7 FM, I write scripts for multiple clients.


This script was for Sunbrushed Tanning Salon and the tanning services that they offer.

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